About the Club

Due to the sudden closing of our normal venue, the Chicago Go Club is ON HIATUS for the time being. When a new meeting location is chosen, it will be announced here and via the mailing list. For more information, please contact us or join the mailing list.




The Chicago Go Club (formerly the Lakeview Go Club) has been in existence for more than ten years. We currently boast more than 100 members, and regularly have more than a dozen players at each meeting, of all ages and skill levels.

Generally our players start showing up around 6, but the atmosphere is very informal and players come and go throughout the evening - so feel free to come at any time!

We have around a dozen boards and sets of stones in the back closet of the cafe, so if there don't seem to be any extra boards around, just ask an Argo Tea staff member to let you grab a few more from the closet.

If it's your first time coming, please let us know you're here and we'll happily match you up with an opponent around your skill level!

If it's also your first time playing, don't be shy - we are always happy to teach the rules and strategy to new players, and generally have at least one brand new player each week. We also have several beginning-level players regularly returning every week, so you should come back again the next week without feeling trepidation about being outmatched by experts!

Note that we used to meet at Intelligentsia Coffee on Broadway, but recently moved a few doors north to Argo Tea Cafe, as they remain open later in the evening and have a nice outdoor space in the summer months. So if you haven't been to the club in a while, don't be alarmed when you don't find us at Intelligentsia - we're just a few doors down!

"A few moments to learn, a lifetime to master."
-Ancient Proverb